Bones & Secrets: CD
  • Bones & Secrets: CD

Bones & Secrets: CD

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The physical CD features a stunning package designed by Kathe Gray and including a booklet of full colour illustrations by artist Ryan Price.

Bones & Secrets is the 2nd solo offering from Canadian based songwriter and harpist, Shannon Kingsbury. The physical CD package features a beautiful full colour booklet of illustrations by Ryan Price.

On her sophomore release, the ever ambitious artist explores an even more diverse sonic palette than on her debut, Luminocity. The widescreen production and rich instrumental mix of harp, cornet, hurdy gurdy, double bass, accordion, layered vocals, tuba and more, transports the stories conjured in her lyrics into both familiar and foreign worlds. The album’s myriad images of spring, transformation and rebirth, the Greek origin myth of Persephone, heroines reclaiming and retelling their own stories, melancholy lullabies and middle-of-the-night musings play like a picture book for the listener.

“Bones..” began as a series of group improvisations lead by co-producer Ben Grossman, with hours of recordings being culled for musical seeds which were then developed and added to by Jeff Bird. An army of instrumentalists completed the canvas and includes Gary Diggins, Colin Couch, Sharlene Wallace, Tannis Slimmon, Sue Smith and many more. At the centre of all this, however, lies Shannon’s richly textured voice, nuanced stories and deeply affecting melodies.

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