Spring Awakes

Spring Awakes! was conceived by Shannon Kingsbury & Sue Smith (SKSS Productions) in 2011 as an opportunity for creative expression and performance in celebration of spring while at the same time raising funds for the worthy initiative of creating an Old Growth Forest in the Guelph community. 

Sharing a love of music, the creative process and the woods, Sue & Shannon evolved their idea, with the help of contributing artists and volunteers, into an annual event which combines performance and celebration with fundraising support and increased awareness of the Old Growth Forest. 

Artists are invited to create original pieces which are situated in natural settings along the Old Growth Forest Trails. Audience members are guided on a contemplative journey, walking in silence and encountering unique performances along the way. Each year, new performances are invented; nothing is repeated. Each year the trees grow taller and the forest grows older. 

Spring Awakes! has grown into an annual happening with an impressive gathering of musicians, dancers, poets, visual artists, ecologists, community builders and nature lovers who have come together over the years to celebrate spring in the woods and contribute to the re-naturalization and protection of the Ignatius Old Growth Forest.



Presented by SKSS Productions and supported by the 2Rivers Festival