1. Insomnia

From the recording Bones & Secrets

Vocals: Shannon Kingsbury
Ukulele, Double Bass, Lap Steel Guitar, Pump Organ: Jeff Bird
Cornet: Gary Diggins


Insomnia, don't come to me tonight
The dawn looms soon and I'll be back on a train with the sun
Back so soon

Midnight on the subway train
Metal rocket shakes,
sliding through the underground in the belly of a snake
The wheels and the track screech with contact
Familiar spectre sits beside me
I've known this one since the age of 13: “Insomnia”

Tell me what you know of the plight of bees
One spoonful of food out of three is pollinated by bees and we're killing our bees

Tell me what you know of the milky way
It was born ten billion years ago, so they say, so they say

Have you ever looked at a Queen Anne's lace and seen an ancient milky way,
or a drop of blood on the Queen's crochet?

Speaking of Anne, you remind me of the Queen, waiting for the swordsman to come for her execution (in the very same chamber as her bridal 'one')

Insomnia, whose arms would be more sincere:
the hothead king or the reaper of all things? (reaper of all things)

Insomnia sews lines between these things:
the subway, the bees, the lace, the Queen, the Milky Way, the King

She says “The evidence is everywhere in ordinary things, there's star dust in the dirt beneath these feet,
even on these filthy city streets.”