From the recording Bones & Secrets

Vocals, Harp, Harmonium: Shannon Kingsbury
Hurdy Gurdy & Prepared Guitar: Ben Grossman
Double Bass, Shakuhachi, Bowed Psaltry, Percussion: Jeff Bird
Cello: Lucas Tensen
Flugelhorn & Didgeridoo: Gary Diggins
Tuba: Colin Couch
Harp: Sharlene Wallace
Accordion: Angelique Van Berlo
Vocals: David Beattie
Cello Arrangement: Lucas Tensen & Jeff Bird


Mother, call me home I will always come
Down by the river, bird song is harbinger Mallards, robins, red winged blackbirds
Call up the Trout Lily, Melt all the snow
Time after time, I'll always come home

I remember nothing of an abduction
Only a fascination with a strange flower in the grove
Then all went dark
He was no Bluebeard, He was no thief
I had free reign, they called me Queen
I had another name
Remember my true name
He was the touchstone to my descent and the sweet anesthetic to

I was intoxicated by a most fragrant flower,
A strange variety I did not recognize
Each night as the moon rose in the sky, the buds began to tremble...
Like time lapse photography, opening to the night
And on the seventh night I was overcome by desire to taste the plant...
I gingerly picked a blossom, and from the stem dripped a liquid clear,
Shinning on my palm, I tasted with my tongue:
And the next thing I knew I had a another name
Remember my true name

We danced in the shadows and pools of candlelight
Oh mother I have fallen for the Prince of the Night

Mother, your breath wakes the earth
There's nothing like the pallor of your spring Anemones
After the storm, everything is clear Technicolored world, Tornado's done
What the waves wash in ain't pretty but its real:
Bones & secrets, all that's thrown from the deep
I come from the deep

Mother, you are Queen of this green
So must I reign in the dark